Name Chant Ice Breaker/Warm Up. 
This is primarily an ice breaker or warm up but I found it an amazingly useful tool in getting students to speak up and be heard. Often combating shyness, many students speak at no higher in volume than a mouse whisper, but with this activity they have to be heard to play. It's great for  learning to remember classmates names, pronounce complicated names and coordinate doing something else (clapping and tapping the rhythm) all whilst having to speak out and have a great time (multitask extreme). Here is a video of a Chinese class playing name chant in a huge group. Activity Instructions below video.

Firstly for this activity you need to get the students seated in a circle. NOTE- This can also be played within smaller groups but you need to have enough space to distance them apart a little.
Secondly, teach them to slap their hands on their thighs twice and clap their hands twice, whilst keeping a constant mesmerising rhythm. Everyone should be participating by playing the rhythm at the same time, however, only one person will be speaking at one time. Pick one student to start the chant. The first time they double clap their hands they will say their own name, the second time they double clap their hands they will say another students name.(The tap tap in between gives that moment of thinking time) Whoever's name was called, immediately carries on the chant by saying their own name followed by another students name and so on.

Note: If you want to make this a competition, all of the following things will deem you out of the game, meaning you must fold your arms and no longer continue to slap your thighs and clap your hands.

  • No stopping is allowed, if you stop and break the chant, you are out.
  • If you say the name of a person who is already out, you too will strike out.
  • You cant immediately repeat the name of the person who called your name i.e. no pin ponging back and forth between two people.
  • If you break the rhythm, are too slow to answer or can't think of your name or someone else's name in time.
  • If you forget to say your name first and immediately call another students name instead.
As always written explanations can be a bit confusing so maybe you would like to also show your students the video. 



10/01/2017 10:53pm

This is a very entertaining icebreaker. This is very useful when it's the first day of a class. It will enable everyone within the room to participate and socialize with each other. I will surely suggest this to my friends who are currently leading a team and teaching in a class. I expect more icebreaker tips from this blog.


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