Do You Wanna Buy A Duck? Without a doubt this is one of the best TESOL activities to tempt students into speaking full sentences. Watch students have a humongous amount of fun with the dialogue. There's little preparation involved with this activity but a thorough explanation is required usually including a slow demonstration with a practice run (and running a video of it in action can also be a good idea). I find it's best to ask for a group of 5 volunteers to come up the front of the class to be the guinea pigs for the demonstration at the same time as the explanation. This is a dialogue game so write it up on the board or buy the prepped pack here. Choose your 5 demonstration students and make them stand in a line at the front of the class.

A Brief Intro To The Dialogue Idea

Student 1 - Do you wanna buy a duck?

Student 2 - A what?

Student 1 - A duck!

Student 2 - Can it swim?

Student 1 - Of course it can swim, it's a duck!

Now this same dialog is used the whole way down the line of students but each student replaces the object (the duck) with a new different object, which in turn makes the student asking the "Does it" question, have to alter their response. For example, if student 2 decided he was selling a ball, student 3 would have to ask him "does it roll"? and not "can it swim"?

After student 1 and student 2 have finished the first dialogue, student 2 turns to student 3 and carries on by asking student 3 if he wants to buy...lets say, a ball. It's not quite that simple though check the dialog and video below to see the added twist.

Student 2 - Do you wanna buy a ball?

Student 3 - A what?

Student 2 (turning back to student 1) A what?

Student 1 - A duck!

Student 2 -(turning back to student 3) A ball!

Student 3 - Does it bounce?

Student 2 - (turning back to student 1) Can it swim?

Student 1 - Of course it can swim, it's a duck!

Student 2 - (Turning back to student 3) Of course it bounces it's a ball!

Student 3 - (turning to student 4) Do you wanna buy a...? and so on.

Yes, it sounds rather complicated but once you work through a demonstration with a group of kids, it really isn't too hard. Please don't be put off by the explanation, it really works and is a wonderful activity.
What The Students Learn With This Activity

The kids have to really take part in this activity, making them concentrate, listen and speak. I find that with the "Wanna Buy A Duck" dialogue, they are happy to join in the fun and at the same time they learn so much. There is a lot of basic vocabulary covered in this activity in addition to thinking about what they are selling to the next student, whilst also thinking of the action associated with the item that the previous student is selling to them. It also helps them work on getting some expression into the tone of their words sentences.

Note: Make sure that they grammatically ask the correct questions. For example they can't ask "Do you wanna buy a milk".

If your class is into competing, you can time each group as they run through the dialogue and see who can complete the activity in the quickest time, but if you do, be sure that they don't disregard pronunciation for speed.

For TESOL students the inclusion of (wanna) in place of "want to",  is something they really get a kick out of. Students love to try to get their English to sound as close to native English speakers as they can and seeing as TESOL teaching often focuses on trying to help the students speak more naturally, fluently and with greater ease, this little activity is an absolute gem.

Wanna Buy A Duck Classroom Pack?

Fully prepped pack available including worksheets, the below video demonstration in full, links to other useful "Wanna Buy A Duck" videos and instructions. Can pick it up here (TpT) or here (TES). 



17/01/2017 4:43pm

I think of this as an innovation in teaching children. Thinking this up was ingenius although the thought that the class could get rowdy at some point makes me cringe a little. You could tweak the game a little bit by adding prizes to encourage more children to join in. I hope children would really enjoy this. Thanks for sharing this. Keep blogging!


This site is excellent and so is how the subject matter was explained. I also like some of the comments too. Waiting for the next post.


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